Can You Be Moral With Religion?

I've had many discussions with believers on the merits of their moral worth, and pretty much always come to the conclusion that most believers do not have a clue what it means to actually be a good person. It's not that believers are bad people, but it's that in most cases they lack the most important quality that is required in order to be good, and that is agency.

Agency is a term used in ethics to signify the central premise that makes ethical decisions possible. It is a term that basically means that a person makes their own decisions and that those decisions have consequences that have to be evaluated according to a standard before the actual decision is made. As a kid I was told, "You made you bed. Now you have to lay in it." This is a perfect example of what it means to possess agency.

So the argument that I want to consider is primarily focused on the phenomenon of agency, and to consider the dynamics that come into effect when we add religion to our set …

How to be Political with Spiritual Integrity

Being a Christian in today’s society can be tough. There are so many forces trying to gain your allegiance, and so many causes to support. The conservatives want you to defend the lives of the unborn, and the liberals want you to defend the lives of women and the poor. On one side it is unjust to ban certain immigrants from entering our country, and on another side it is unjust to reveal classified information. There are many good causes to support as a Christian, but in our political machine it seems that dividing lines get drawn as to what causes should be supported and which one’s are “agendas” designed by the other side to manipulate you. It is quite possible that we are reaching a new dark age, not one where information and education is so scarce that ignorance causes us to cling to superstition and authoritarianism, but one where it is so prominent and excessive that intellectual hubris is causing us to cling to tribalism all over again. Fake news is the new superstitionism, an…