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Does Having Children Make You More Spiritual?

When I was younger I went to a church where "spiritual" meant speaking in tongues and knowing (or pretending to know) more about the Bible then everyone else around you. If you had told me then that the man showing up late to church, sitting in the back, and not being able to keep his unruly children quite during service, only to leave ten minutes early, was actually the most spiritual man in the room I would have given up on my religious studies then and there. But it is these kinds of things you are never told about life, or faith. It is these kinds of things that you simply have to learn for yourself.
I can say largely that my entire spiritual development has taken place in front of my children without them really knowing the impact they have had on it. It would be difficult for me to separate the two where on one side there would be the raising of my children and on the other would be the maturing of my faith, because the real world experience for me has been that raisin…